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so cal vibes|


so cal vibes|

Hidden, safe, the children must be kept.

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Superb Starling Amazing World beautiful amazing


Superb Starling Amazing World beautiful amazing

You’re going to South America, Mr. Fredricksen?”

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Make me chooseAnonymous asked Tarzan or Clopin

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Disney Challenge Day 4: Favourite Prince

→ Aladdin

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Photographer Fred Levy recently launched the Black Dogs Project, a photo series that photographs black dogs against a dark background. The initiative tells the story of the difficulties these dogs face when waiting to be adopted.

Black dogs are often treated differently than other dogs — and are often overlooked by people who come to shelters with the intention to adopt. The phenomenon is commonly referred to as “Black Dog Syndrome” or “Black Dog Bias,” a stereotype against dark-colored animals possibly ingrained in people through depictions in movies and books, according to experts.

Black dogs also have a tendency to not photograph as well as other dogs, which along with other stereotypes, Levy has managed to combat skillfully.


katoakenshield asked: durmstrang institute or beauxbatons academy of magic?

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Films in 2014 ➝ #12. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1986, dir. John Hughes